Rescheduling a shoot is possible, but plan wisely because spots are limited. You may not reschedule on the day of your shoot unless excused.


50% deposit is required to hold session time before con. Failure to send a deposit in an appropriate time frame will result in you losing your hold or complete cancelation of the session if the full amount is not paid.


All clients are given a 30 minute grace period after their session time. Failure to arrive within those 30 minutes will result in cancellation without a refund.


Sessions canceled less than a week before con are non-refundable unless excused. Example of excused cancellations include: flight delays and cancels, emergencies (family, health, work, etc.) Sessions can only be canceled at a convention due to emergencies.



In some packages offered, you will have the ability to receive a certain limited amount of clips with your finished video. You may not download or use any clips that exceed the limit provided to you. 


You may not download raw files that were not released to you. You may not use 3rd party downloading apps to access files that were not released to you. If you post or share any files that were not officially allowed to be released, you will be penalized. 


You may not edit over final products without permission from Vanna B. Videography.



Videos and clips received upon completion may not be used or sold for commercial use to a third party without authorization from Vanna B. Videography. If you have any questions or concerns with who this references, please send an email to vannabvideography@gmail.com

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