If you are here, you are probably curious about what “basic editing” is and how it goes into play for your package. I will be explaining what the Basic Editing is when it comes to what you are paying for and how it will impact the final product of your video. 


What is “Basic Editing”?


Basic editing is my form of classification for how I will edit your video. At it most simplified description, basic editing includes:

Color Correcting

Color Grading

Special Transitions

Speed Ramping

Text Effects


Basic Editing does not include:

VFX (Visual Effects)

SFX (Sound Effects)

Green Screen 


To understand the difference between Basic Editing and Editing With FX, here are some examples:


Basic Editing:







Advanced Editing w/ FX (VFX and SFX):












What is Color Correction and Color Grading? 


In simplistic terms, Color Correction balances the image, but Color Grading enhances the image. It's hard to explain, so I'll just post and example: 



Speed Ramping and Transitions? What is that?


Speed Ramping:


Special transitioning can include zoom, speed, blur and glitch transitions. 


What if I want VFX or SFX? Can I request it? 


You can request it, but if it is too difficult of a task, I might have to reject the request. If it is something that is achievable, there will be an extra fee involved. 


Currently, there are no convention packages offered with Advanced Editing, but if you are interested in seeing SFX or VFX included in your video, please contact me before booking.

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